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Adnan Imran
Capgemini Co-Worker

I had the pleasure of working with Amulya during our new hire orientation at Capgemini. Amulya was responsible for ensuring that all of our deliverables were delivered in a timely manner and that every piece of work was of the highest quality. Not only is she a great leader, but she is an outstanding problem solver and team player. She ensured that we were all on the same page and constantly went the extra mile to assist her colleagues. She served as an inspiration to all of us and helped us constantly find ways to quickly solve complex problems. Amulya demonstrated strong character, dependability and determination. She would be an asset to any company.


Karen Anekore
FIDM Group Partner

It was more than a pleasure and a great experience to work with Amulya. I can confidently say that she is one of the most organized and proactive people I ever work with. She has a solid background and knowledge in many areas. I work with her on two Projects for six months, and she always delivers impeccable work. One of the things I like about her the most is that she is a very hardworking person and always willing to help.


Viviana Monarrez
FIDM Group Partner

Amulya is such a team player. I’ve got the chance to work with her in two different group projects for different classes. I would say she tends to take the leadership role in group projects in a way where she guides the project to success. I absolutely love her energy and commitment to anything she is tasked with. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her is lucky because she goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfected. Aside from the projects we’ve worked on together, I’ve got the chance to see her present other projects she’s worked on with other groups or on her own. She amazes me with the amount of detail and well explained presentations she gives. Her pitches are short but informative and cover all the main points. I feel as if she’s well rounded and could take on any task she’s presented with.

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