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An Multi-Platform Social Media Campaign for Gucci

As someone who has grown up with the influence of social media almost her entire life, I've always known the power social media has. However, my FIDM Introduction to Social Media class was full of not only the information I knew but also showed us tools to allow us to be effective social media marketers. We learned about what metrics are most important to evaluate and what online websites offer free tools we can use to evaluate our performance. This course challenged my group to create a social media campaign for a brand of our choice across 3 different social media platforms, we chose Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for Gucci. Attached are various documents we created over the quarter.

Gucci Social Media Campaign Final Presentation
Download PDF • 11.17MB
Gucci Social Media Campaign Part 1
Download PDF • 140KB
Gucci Social Media Campaign Part 2
Download PDF • 16.47MB


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