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The Zillennial Beauty Perspective

Being in the beauty industry, it's important to stay up to date with current trends and news. I love to start my day reading Glossy, WWD. BeautyIndependent, Cosmetic Business, etc. and learn what people are actually doing in the real world with the context and academic knowledge I see in my courses but I always wanted someone to talk through these articles with.

That's when I had the idea of starting a YouTube channel with my best friend Kristine Chao who is another member of the beauty industry in Los Angeles. I thought while absorbing the news, it would be fun to chat about it with my best friend but I also realized I wanted something like this to watch in my free time. There are so many news channels focused on other industries and even beauty news channels that are focused on new product releases but Kristine and I wanted to talk about strategy, marketing, innovation, and the corporate decision making beyond the new product releases. We wanted to understand not only what decisions companies were making but why they were making them so we can make better decisions in our own careers.

Check out out YouTube channel where we've already posted our first video discussing the men's grooming industry and specifically concealer for men!


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