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Social Psychology Mid-Term Reaction Paper

FIDM gives us the opportunity to take classes outside of Beauty Marketing & Product Development to give us a truly well rounded experience in the program. Among the classes I took, I took a Social Psychology class that asked us to write a paper reflecting on a piece and examine it using the techniques we learned in class and our own personal experiences. My paper was titled "It’s Not Racist If I Didn’t Mean It: How unintentional yet harmful South Asian stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination impact the lives of South Asians in the United States" where I examined the video Hasan Learns What It's Like To Grow Up Desi In 2019 | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix This was a really great paper for me to write allowing me to learn more about myself and my identity and the true importance of my name.

Mid-Term Reaction Paper
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