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Launching a South Asian Beauty Brand

Learning to love being South Asian was a long process for me. I was proud that I had the opportunity to develop the product, marketing strategy, and website of a beauty brand I created to celebrate South Asian Beauty. Besharam translates directly to "shameless" in Hindi and the concept of this brand is a progressive, edgy, proudly Desi beauty brand. My FIDM Current Industry Topics course asked my group to develop a product and marketing plan while my eCommerce course asked me to develop the website. Attached are various documents I created over the course of the quarter for both courses.

Besharam Beauty Brand Overview
Download PDF • 18.95MB
Besharam Beauty Marketing Plan
Download PDF • 21.67MB
Besharam Site Map
Download PDF • 10.32MB
Besharam Competitive Analysis
Download PDF • 29.60MB
Besharam Website
Download PDF • 8.49MB

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